4 Ideas to Personalize Your Wedding With Packaging

February 19, 2019 by Erin Behan

Custom Wedding Favor Boxes

Weddings, like any big special event, take a lot of planning. Whether you're stretching your engagement out into years or you're looking to tie the knot just a month or two after your engagement, you've got a laundry list of things to do. Often last on that list? Wedding welcome packages, wedding favor boxes, and wedding favor packaging.

We've got good news for you on the favor front. It's easier than you think to get pro-level wedding favor packaging—everything from gift bags to edible favors boxes to wedding party gift boxes—that integrates perfectly with your wedding colors, wedding theme, and wedding style. Here's how to check those wedding favor to-dos off your list quickly and affordably.

Custom Wedding Favor Bags

1. Custom Wedding Welcome Bags or Boxes
It's become customary to provide a welcome kit to out-of-town wedding guests. Your friends and relatives will be impressed by your thoughtfulness and instantly feel at home, even in their hotel room, when they discover their welcome bag or box. You might decide to provide a custom bag or box filled with items that help your guests explore the area—a map, perhaps, plus items that introduce them to the area, sweet treats from a local maker, or complimentary tickets to an area attraction. Whatever you decide to put in your welcome kit, do it in style with a custom bag or custom box that complements your wedding.

Distinct Packaging has custom gift bags available in five sizes that are perfect for out-of-town welcome kits. The bags can be printed as matte or glossy and can be fully customized however you'd like: add images, graphics, and text via an easy-to-use design program and order exactly the amount you need. Likewise, Distinct Packaging offers custom corrugated boxes (custom mailer boxes are especially popular) and custom folding cartons, which make stacking and transporting your welcome kits a piece of cake. All Distinct Packaging products ship within 10 business days of being ordered, so even if you're big day is creeping up fast, you can still get the custom packaging you need without worry and without adding rush shipping fees.

Custom Wedding Wine Boxes

2. Custom Wedding Favor Bags and Boxes
What will you put in your wedding favor bags or boxes? The list of possibilities is limited only by your imagination: how about etched wine glasses, seasoning blends, chocolate truffles, color-coordinated jelly beans, soaps, homemade jelly, maple syrup, bottles of liquor, or tiny potted succulents? To make sure your favors make it home in one piece, put them in personalized bags or boxes printed with your wedding date and hashtag, perhaps.

Distinct Packaging has custom wedding favor gift bags available in five sizes so you can personalize it to exactly what's inside. Perhaps a box is best? In that case choose from among fold-up boxes, gable boxes, pillow packs, tuck boxes, or even golf ball sleeves. While you can D.I.Y. by using the company's easy-to-use design program, Distinct Packaging also offers a Design Assistant service, which connects you to a pro packaging designer who will design your box or gift bag for you.

3. Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Gift Boxes
Your besties have been by your side through the whole experience, from the day you met "the one" right up to the wedding itself. It's only right to give them a little thank-you gift, whether it's a piece of jewelry to wear on the big day tucked into a custom pillow pack or a hangover recovery kit nestled into a custom fold-up box. Try to theme it to your friends' interests. If you've got whiskey drinkers, you could create a package that includes an engraved glass, whiskey stones and a bottle of the good stuff. Or, if your group is all about the fine foods, you could gift a mailer box stuffed with your favorites, from guilty pleasures such as chips to finer foods including caviar and artisan salamis.

Perhaps instead of customizing a standard box size for your wedding party gifts, you want to do something a bit more creative, like using cut-outs to keep individual items neat and secure, adding foil stamping for some extra glam, or creating an oddly sized box to fit an oddly sized item? There are plenty of extras you can add to your custom packaging order with Distinct Packaging. To get the process started on a special order with Distinct Packaging, use the Request a Quote form.

4. Custom Tissue Paper
To wrap your gifts up just-so, order your own custom wedding tissue paper for a presentation that'll have everyone talking (and Instagramming). After all, you want gifts such as wedding welcome kits, wedding favors, and bridesmaid and groomsman thank-yous to feel pulled-together and an essential part of your wedding. Tissue paper can be a critical part of the unboxing experience as it builds suspense, keeps everything neat, and shows you've gone the extra mile.

Completely custom wedding tissue paper from Distinct Packaging comes in two weights: the thinner traditional tissue paper weight and a thicker one that's closer to wrapping paper. Add any color, text, photos, or other graphics you want. Since the tissue paper is printed digitally, it can be tinted to exactly match your wedding colors. It's also possible to order stock colored tissue paper upon request with 70 colors from which to choose; however, order quantity on stock colors must exceed 3,000 sheets. For more information on Distinct Packaging's tissue paper, see Take Your Packaging to the Next Level With Custom Tissue Paper.

For more ideas and inspiration on creating custom wedding boxes, check out How to Create Custom Boxes and Packaging for Your Wedding. To get started on your custom wedding project, head to DistinctPackaging.com today. Contact Distinct Packaging's U.S.-based agents by phone, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m EST at (877) 464-1959, or email anytime at support@distinctpackaging.com.
Erin Behan

Written by Erin Behan

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