5 Beer and Wine Packaging Designs We Like

February 13, 2018 by Erin Behan

At Distinct Packaging we're inspired by package design of all kinds, both from our customers and from designers across the world. Beer and wine package design is no exception, with some truly creative work bursting from the shelves of our local wine shop, beer cooler, and grocery store, and landing on our doorstep. To celebrate great design, and our rollout of new customizable beverage carriers in 2- and 4-pack sizes and wine boxes in tuck or gable styles, we're highlighting five beer and wine packaging designs we love.

Montauk Brewing
Montauk Brewing

Montauk Brewing, which boasts that it's New York's easternmost brewery, started — as all good breweries seem to — in a basement. From 2012 onward, founders Eric Moss, Vaughan Cutillo, and Joe Sullivan grew their passion into a business that takes their beers (everything from Driftwood ale to Watermelon Session ale) beyond their red barn brewing house into New York City and beyond. The design from Ammarati (now IMB ix), which brings the cans and beer packaging together, is a simple one using bold color and basic shapes to identify both the brand and the individual beers. In this case, the design is as refreshing as the beer.

Montauk Brewing Warehouse

Granville Island Brewing
Granville Island Brewing

Once a microbrewery, now part of a major beer corporation, Granville Island Brewing nevertheless holds onto its brewing cred by maintaining its original facility in Granville Island, British Columbia, where it still makes small-batch beers. Another way it stays away from the mass-market blahs? Commissioning top-notch design for its beer packaging. The Winter Mingler pack, a four-beer variety pack, comes in a box that nods to each flavor in a clean, spare design that's also fun-loving. The paper-letter inspired look is from Toolbox Design, which incorporated each individual beer's personality into the pack, while still creating a unified overall look. We'll drink to that.

Victoria Craft Beer Week
Victoria Craft Beer

Another glittering example of effective design on beer packaging, also from Toolbox Design, is for Victoria Craft Beer week. The design for "The Art of the Six Pack," an event at the festival, pushes the idea of what beer packaging should look like, while also making gold foil seem like a perfectly reasonable thing to splash all over your beverage box. We love the idea of putting out a special box for an event or limited release, easy to do at Distinct Packaging where there's never an order minimum, and orders ship out in just 10 days.

Jaqk Cellars
Jaqk Cellars

There's no luck involved in just how great Jaqk Cellars' packaging looks. The wine company for people who like to "play" at life (JAQK stands for jack, ace, queen, and king and was inspired, in part, by a trip to Vegas), is a collaboration by Napa vintner Craig MacLean, his wife Cynthia MacLean, and Hatch Design in San Francisco. The smart bottle and box design weaves in the playing card theme with a bit of throwback whimsy. The intricate black and white design of its High Roller cabernet sauvignon (or black and kraft on the shipping boxes) is contrasted by the light grey-and-silver touches on the Charmed pinot noir-rosé label and box. It's easy to catch on to the spirit of the company just by getting a peek at its boxes and labeling.

Brooks Dry Cider
Brooks Dry Cider

Brooks Dry Cider, a California cider company inspired by great English ciders of the past, uses a bold graphic bear to great effect on its packaging. The design by Tosh Hall places the company's mascot, Brooks the Bear, on a bike and motorcycle, driving an old car, and skydiving. It's an attention-grabber, to be sure, but it's also an homage to the state where the company was born. Brooks won a Gold Pentaward in 2015 for package design, and you can buy the design on a shirt or poster. Now that's making the most of a winning design.

If these designs are inspiring you to add custom packaging to your custom event or brand identity portfolio, check out our advice on finding a designer or creative agency to design your custom packaging. And check out Distinct Packaging's selection of beverage carriers and wine boxes, which are all fully customizable for your brand. Don't forget, if you need a box you don't see listed on our site, reach out to us to request a quote for your dream packaging.
Erin Behan

Written by Erin Behan

Erin Behan is an L.A.-based writer and editor who considers fine paper one of life's little pleasures.


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