5 Personalized Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Gift Ideas

July 2, 2019 by Erin Behan

Planning a wedding involves a lot more than just organizing the wedding day itself, and it helps to have some bridesmaids and groomsmen in your corner to get you through the fun times (and the tedious ones). Since they're the ones you'll lean on through the wedding process and who will help to make the day a memorable one, you'll want to show your appreciation with a gift.

Custom Coasters

Whether it's to ask "Will you be my bridesmaid?" or to deliver a big "Thanks for being my groomsmen," you want the gift you give your wedding party to be in style — your style. We've got 5 great ideas for extra-personal ways to show your appreciation for your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and everyone in your wedding party.

Jewelry in a Personalized Pillow Pack
Jewelry is a thoughtful way to ask your bridesmaids or groomsmen to be part of your party or to thank them for their support. For the ladies, a locket with their initial, a necklace in their birthstone, or a bracelet engraved with your thanks — all to be worn on the big day, of course — show just how much you appreciate their time and effort. Men tend to like items such as matching cufflinks (perhaps personalized to the wedding location), an engraved watch, or a hip leather bracelet to coordinate with their wedding attire. To wrap your bridesmaid or groomsmen gift up with a flourish, tuck your jewelry into a custom pillow pack that you've designed yourself to go with your big day at Distinct Packaging.

Beauty and Grooming Products in a Custom Mailer Box
Life (and wedding planning) is stressful, which makes a gift box full of spa-worthy goodies just the present for hard-working bridesmaids and groomsmen. Fill your bridesmaid box with some of your favorite relaxation tools, things like a bath bomb, handmade soap, and scented lip balm. Men's boxes tend to include aftershave, body scrub, and perhaps a woodsy scented candle. Whether you give your relaxation box when you pop the "will you be my bridesmaid or groomsman?" question, as a surprise on a pre-wedding just-the-girls or just-the-guys trip, or to help prep for the the big day itself, make it personal by putting it in a customized mailer box that has your wedding written all over it.

Custom Wedding Boxes

Goods That Tell Your Love Story in a Personalized Gable Box
What makes your wedding and relationship special? Maybe it's that each partner comes from a different part of the country (or world), or perhaps it's your shared love of music, nature, food, or the arts. Whatever the thing is that first sparked love and now keeps the flame burning, why not use that idea to guide your bridesmaid or groomsmen gifts. Perhaps it's food and drink from your favorite local haunts, a collection of goodies that show off your collective taste in music, or something else altogether. Whatever it is, the collection should be decidedly "you" as a couple. When you've assembled your stack, use a customized gable box with the date of your big day to pull the package and theme together.

Custom Wine Boxes

Wine, Beer, and Spirits in a Carrier Customized to Your Big Day
Even if you're planning the wedding a year (or more!) away, it's never too early to start toasting to your love. Welcome your girl or guy friends into the wedding fold with a bottle of Champagne or wine in a custom wine gift box printed with your wedding hashtag, perhaps. Or, gift some of your favorite beverages in a custom two- or four-pack beverage carrier that's printed with your wedding colors and names across the side. Don't forget personalized coasters. Order a stack of coasters for the wedding and give your bridesmaids and groomsmen a sneak peak of what's to come by including a few of them in bridesmaid and groomsmen gift packs.

Custom Pizza boxes

Wedding Photos in a Custom Pizza Box
Here's the scenario: The wedding's over and you're relaxing in marital bliss, but you still need the just-right gift to thank your wedding party for being there every step of the way. Why not pick some of the best photos and wrap them up in a custom pizza box — the perfect shape for day-of photographs — emblazoned with your wedding date and theme? It's a gift they'll never forget (and one they just might steal when it's their turn to tie the knot).

Have an idea for a custom wedding box or packaging you don't see here? If you can't find it listed on Distinct Packaging, don't fret. It's as easy as filling out a quick form or picking up the phone to request a quote for a special custom box, insert, or packaging.
Erin Behan

Written by Erin Behan

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