5 Reasons to Customize Your Shipping Boxes

July 3, 2018 by Erin Behan

Does packaging matter? It's a question that's vexed many a business owner trying to decide between buying a horde of plain boxes in a single size, or going the extra step to source customized packaging, in terms of size, type, and custom printing.

That question was brought to shoppers in a recent Shorr Packaging survey, and the results show that customization matters when it comes to packaging. Forty-two percent of those surveyed said they were "very likely" to notice custom designed packaging.

It's not all aesthetics, of course, a box also needs to be appropriate for what's inside too (check out Choosing the Right Box Material for Your Brand for more on that). Seventy-one percent of the survey respondents thought custom packaging design was critical, while 29 percent favored custom printing. No matter how you look at it, packaging that's been customized for just your company and product can boost business, and we've got five reasons why your business shouldn't go another day without custom boxes.

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1. Custom Packaging Makes Your Brand Look Good
Who doesn't feel a little pep in their step when dressed to the nines for a special occasion? That's the same feeling your box will evoke when it lands on your customer’s doorstep all spiffed up for the occasion with your brand front and center. If it's a box design you're proud of, that love and devotion will translate to your customer too. You might want to add printing to the inside of your custom box, as well as the outside—it’s easy to customize both at Distinct Packaging.

2. Packaging Is Your Chance to Stand Out From the Crowd
You likely want your business to feel like the only option to your customer. The idea that your business is unique is important to gaining loyal customers who return with business again and again. After all, you're the only place your customer can come to get exactly what you offer, right? Reinforce your one-in-a-million status with packaging you designed yourself on Distinct Packaging.

3. Custom Packaging Encourages Repeat Business
Whether you sell beauty products, pet goods, electronic parts, or vegan footballs, you don't want a customer's first order to be their last. Part of what you offer is the whole experience, right down to the packaging. A whopping 44 percent of premium shoppers say they would buy again thanks to custom packaging, while 29 percent of other shoppers would buy again due to custom packaging, according to the Shorr Packaging survey. While it's your product your customer is buying, it's the packaging that can convince them to buy again and again.

4. Custom Packaging Reinforces Your Brand Message
You've got a logo, a website, and social media—good work!—but that's certainly not the end of your branding. In fact, the work of keeping your brand "on message" extends to every bit of communication you do as a business, from your emails to your receipts and, yes, to the boxes in which your product arrives. Don't let the box be where your branding falls apart. Reinforce your brand message by getting your logo, your colors, and other necessary elements of your branding on your custom box. After all, for many customers, the box may be the closest thing to a storefront they'll ever see.

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5. It's Never Been Easier to Make Custom Packaging
There was a time (and it wasn't long ago) when ordering custom packaging required a real commitment. The old process could be expensive and take months with visits to a print shop, extra set-up fees, back and forth of proofs, and so many steps and so much time to get to a final product. That's not what you’ll find at Distinct Packaging. The online digital print for packaging company distinguishes itself with an easy-to-use online design tool that offers a one-stop shop for designing a box and placing an order. And the tool's 3-D preview adjusts as you make changes so there's never any guessing about how the printed box will look. Go from blank box to completed design in minutes—and your box always ships within 10 business days after the order is placed.

Customize your shipping boxes today at Distinct Packaging.
Erin Behan

Written by Erin Behan

Erin Behan is an L.A.-based writer and editor who considers fine paper one of life's little pleasures.


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