5 Ways to Personalize Your Holiday Gifts this Year with Custom Packaging

November 20, 2018 by Erin Behan

Don't let your holiday gift-giving verge into same-old, same-old territory. Instead, inject a much-needed boost into the holidays with custom holiday packaging. Not only does custom gift packaging add a personal touch for the holidays, it also means you can skip the whole gift-wrapping rigamarole. Read on to find out how Distinct Packaging can help you add some extra sparkle to your Christmas list, Hanukkah list, and all your end-of-year giving.

Custom Holiday Packaging

Personalized holiday gift bags
For those who want nothing to do with wrapping presents, gift bags have long been the method of choice. Why not take things up a notch this year with a personalized holiday gift bag for everyone on your list, whether you choose to print a holiday message from your family, aka "Happy Holidays from the Johnsons" with your annual Christmas photo beneath, or perhaps you go with a message that resonates with you and your family, such as "Peace on earth, with love from the Garcias" and a picture of your home covered in snow? To create your personalized holiday gift bag, you can add any colors, text, and photos or graphics that strike a chord with you this season using Distinct Packaging's easy-to-use tool with 3-D preview. The end result is a gift bag that’ll even make a scented candle seem like it was sent from the heart.

Personalized holiday tissue paper
There's some real fun to be had with personalized tissue paper—what if you used a repeating image of your pet in a Santa hat or photo-edited your most recent family snapshot onto a Christmas tree ball? Or, you can go 100-percent classy with a repeating message like "Warmest wishes from the Greens" or "Holiday greetings from Sara and Adam" with some tasteful seasonal imagery. Distinct Packaging tissue paper can be tinted to any color and the only limit to personalization (graphics, photos, etc.) is your own imagination. Personalized tissue paper is eye-catching enough that you might be tempted to use it as wrapping paper, which you can do if you order it in a heavier weight (No. 18). For more tips on ordering personalized tissue paper, see Take Your Packaging to the Next Level With Custom Tissue Paper.

Personalized Wine Boxes

Personalized holiday wine and beverage boxes
Wine is a near universally loved and appreciated gift during the holidays (and always welcome at holiday parties). To up your giving game from a bottle tucked into a brown paper bag, order custom wine boxes this year. Available from Distinct Packaging in a tuck-top or gable-top, a personalized wine box lets you skip the card (print your greeting right on the box!) and add a touch of forethought to an easy-to-give gift. Take care of your gift-giving en mass by ordering a case of your favorite red, white, and bubbly, and boxing them up in your custom wine boxes for everyone on your list. Beer, soda, even kombucha lovers need not be left out, as Distinct Packaging also has customizable beverage carriers.

Personalized holiday treat boxes
Are you famous for your holiday pizzelles, or perhaps peanut butter fudge is a much-loved holiday gift tradition in your house. Whatever homemade candy, sweets, or treats you give to friends and family, make it a complete package by putting them in custom packaging. Custom holiday tuck boxes, custom holiday fold-up boxes, custom holiday gable boxes, and custom holiday pillow packs of varying sizes are just the thing to one-up the Joneses at your neighborhood holiday cookie swap this year. Orders at Distinct Packaging ship within 10 days of being placed, so there’s plenty of time to design, order, and get the boxes in hand (you're on your own with the baking).

Custom Holiday Mailer Box

Personalized holiday mailers
When your Christmas or Hanukkah gifts are going the distance via post, a custom holiday mailer box is in order. Customize it to mimic the look of wrapping paper, and the box can go from the mailbox to under the tree—and the flaps tuck right in. At Distinct Packaging, mailers are available in 14 sizes, or you can customize the size to your need. As with all of Distinct Packaging’s products, you can add color, text, and photos or graphics with the click of a button and see everything in 3-D preview before you buy. One feature to take advantage of with custom mailer boxes is the ability to print on the inside of the box. Personalize a surprise heartfelt greeting on the inner lid to your friends and family that they'll see when they open the package on the big day. Who’s winning at Christmas? You are!

Get started on a custom holiday gift box, holiday gift bag, holiday wine box, or holiday tissue paper today at Distinct Packaging.
Erin Behan

Written by Erin Behan

Erin Behan is an L.A.-based writer and editor who considers fine paper one of life's little pleasures.


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