7 Ways Custom Coasters Can Spice Up Your Next Event

September 11, 2018 by Erin Behan

Custom coasters hit all the right notes when it comes to practical party favors. They're relatively inexpensive, they don't take up much space, and they're memorable enough to make an impression. And, as a bonus, they soak up condensation from sweaty drinks. Most importantly, they give you a chance to promote your event, product, or service, and they add a bit of fun to whatever kind of party you're throwing. Read on for seven ways you can use custom coasters in your next event.

Custom wedding coasters

Wedding favors
The best wedding favors flip into a pocket or party-sized evening bag, remind your guests of the great time they had, and don't get tossed into the trash as soon as your guests go home. Custom wedding coaster fulfill all these requirements and then some. At Distinct Packaging, you can design a custom coaster with your wedding date and hashtag, add an uplifting quote about love, or include a graphic that'll take your guests back to your special day every time they set their glass on it at home.

Custom promo coasters

Trade show giveaways
Imprint your company name and logo on a coaster, promo a new product name and visage, or print it with a special discount code for an unusually shaped coupon. At Distinct Packaging, you can print on both sides of the coaster, allowing you the freedom to get creative on one side, while still making sure to clearly advertise your company, product, and contact info on the other side. Prices are low too, with coasters starting at just .45 cents each.

Bridal shower
Whether you're having a Champagne brunch and you want blush pink coasters imprinted with your wedding date or you're doing a backyard barbecue and beer soiree and you choose a bolder design, you can create just the coaster to match the mood at your bridal shower. Bonus: Encourage the guests to take home their coaster for a sweet memento of the day.

Extra thank-you gift
If you're the kind of business owner that likes to surprise your customers with that little something extra, consider adding a gratis custom-designed coaster into your gift bags or customer shipments. Imprint it with your social media handles, your logo, or the words "Thank you" for a feel-good freebie.

Wedding anniversary
How to celebrate the couple who's already been married for a decade (or many decades)? Print photos of the happy couple at various points in their relationship on drink coasters and spread them around the party. It'll spark conversation among the guests ('Remember when?" "Awe, they look so young," "They hiked the Alps?!?") and will make the guests of honor feel the love all over again.

Custom pet coasters

Immortalize your pets
Pet birthday parties: They're a thing. Once you've got the furry friends maxed out on personalized dog treats and catnip pouches, do something to make the humans in the room smile. Print a photo of your pet or perhaps one of you with your furrever friend in repose. Something that'll look good under that greyhound (the cocktail) or a bottle from Flying Dog Brewery.

Kid birthday
Anyone who's ever thrown a party with children knows they sip from a drink cup for approximately two seconds before abandoning that cup for play and then requesting a brand-new drink because which one was theirs anyway? (Adults after a few drinks behave similarly.) Why not create a custom coaster bearing an image that the birthday kiddo loves along with a blank line where guests can write their name to ID their drink? You'll avoid using six cups for every head at your next party with fill-in-the-blank name coasters for sure.

How to create the perfect custom coaster
No matter what kind of event or party you're putting on, Distinct Packaging has custom coasters that'll do you right. Choose from rounded or square corners, and print on one side or both. The 24-point pulp board holds up to sweaty cocktail glasses and drippy juice boxes, and the coasters start at a reasonable 45 cents per coaster.

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Erin Behan

Written by Erin Behan

Erin Behan is an L.A.-based writer and editor who considers fine paper one of life's little pleasures.


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