8 Ways to Make Your Event Better With Custom Packaging

September 4, 2018 by Erin Behan

Everybody loves swag at an event. Whether at the end of a wedding, as part of marketing efforts at a trade show, or as a centerpiece giveaway at a big event, free stuff makes a big impact. But what if you decided to ditch the usual branded bag, and instead try something different like a custom gift box you design yourself? Custom packaging impresses people with your attention to detail and is just plain fun to look at and open. You might imprint a custom box with your logo, coordinate the packaging with the event’s colors, or include a message on an inner box flap. Options run from a sleek mailer box to a gable box or pillow pack, and we've got eight ideas for how to make custom packaging work for your next event.

1. Custom mailer box stuffed with welcome gifts for out-of-town guests.
Guests attending a wedding or event from out-of-town have spent a lot of time and money making it to your party, and a welcome box in their hotel room goes a long way to showing your appreciation. To spice it up, custom design a mailer box from Distinct Packaging with your event name, date, hashtag, or an eye-catching photo. Mailer boxes come in a variety of sizes, are sturdy enough to hold heavy things like glass bottles or candles, and have easily tuckable flaps.

Custom Pizza Boxes

2. Custom pizza box that's filled with something besides pizza.
Think a pizza box is just for pizza? Think again. Our customizable pizza boxes come in three sizes and have myriad uses. Customize them with your logo and fill them with brochures and handouts that might otherwise get stuffed into a gift bag, or take advantage of their slim depth to display gift items that might otherwise get lost in a smaller box. Just because you don't put pizza in them, however, doesn’t mean they don't work for food. Items such as donuts, pie, and cookies fit perfectly in a pizza box and are a welcome event favor.

Custom Gable Box

3. Gable box to hold snacks.
Whether you're hosting an event for kids under 5, adults over 50, or anything in between, snacks in a custom-branded gable box are always a hit. Match your munchies to your event theme. Popcorn if you’re hosting a circus-themed birthday party or chocolate-covered strawberries for an evening cocktail reception. For those saying "I do," don't let your wedding guests leave without a handled box filled with salt water taffy or some other goody that ties into your wedding theme.

4. Pillow pack for your "Will you be my bridesmaid?" gift.
You could pick up the phone and ask your friends to support you as bridesmaids, but why not do something a little extra and create a custom "Will you be my bridesmaid?" box. Popping the question with a customized box filled with goodies is a sure-fire way to demonstrate to your girls how special they are to you and how important it is that they'll be there for you on the big day. A pillow pack is the perfect size for including jewelry you want to gift them to wear on the big day as part of your bridesmaid surprise, or get inspired by one of these five ideas for the perfect bridesmaid proposal kit.

5. Drink carriers for bachelor party fun.
Don’t let the ladies have all the good times. Gentlemen can get in on the pre-wedding fun with their groomsmen by gifting them a customized drink carrier with favorite sips, whether it’s ginger beer in a custom beverage carrier or a bottle of vino in a custom wine box. Include campy shots of your crew together on the box or emblazon it with the date or your wedding; whatever you do, it'll let the men in your life know you appreciate their support.

6. Coasters for trade show swag.
Booze may not be an appropriate gift for a trade show, but you can communicate a sense of fun by handing out custom coasters at your next sales meeting, trade show, or other business get-together. At Distinct Packaging, it's easy to design a coaster with your company logo or other branded material. Print on both sides of the coaster for more branding opportunities and choose from square or round styles.

Branded Suitcase Box

7. Suitcase-style box for big impact samples.
Making a good first impression is the name of the game when sending out samples to potential customers or influencers. Get things started on the right foot with a custom branded box that’s made to look like a suitcase—complete with handles. You'll impress your customers with your attention to detail and presentation, and you may just get some extra social media miles when they share the unboxing experience with their friends and followers.

Branded Tissue Paper

8. Gift bags with branded tissue paper.
Sometimes only a gift bag will do, and you can now source custom-branded gift bags and tissue paper at Distinct Packaging too.

Now that your head is swimming with ideas to elevate your next event with custom packaging, head over to Distinct Packaging to get started on your custom order today.
Erin Behan

Written by Erin Behan

Erin Behan is an L.A.-based writer and editor who considers fine paper one of life's little pleasures.


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