The Easy Way to Order Custom Bags or Boxes for Party Favors

July 30, 2019 by Erin Behan

It's party time! Remember when you were little and parties were as simple as balloons, cake, ice cream, and mayhem? Things have changed (a lot): Parties of all shapes and sizes—everything from birthdays to office milestones to weddings—are now a lot more involved, expertly curated, and very personalized.

Custom Favor Bags

That's where custom-printed party favor boxes, bags, and tissue paper come in. They're a surprisingly easy way to make it look like you took forever-and-a-day to pull your picture-perfect event together, even if you barely broke a sweat. Here's how uncomplicated it is to add custom-printed boxes to any party or special occasion with Distinct Packaging. And if you think you don't have time to make custom packaging part of your event, pour yourself a cup of coffee and read on to find out why you're wrong.

1. Choose your box type and size.
Whether you're looking to personalize a quick-to-assemble mailer for your corporate function, incorporate a handled gable box into your event, or design a branded gift bag with custom tissue paper for your party, there are a lot of choices at Distinct Packaging when it comes to personalized packaging. And custom packaging comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to work as thank-you gifts, party favors, special event handouts, and more. See them all.

Custom Wedding Gable Boxes

2. Design your packaging.
If designing a box sounds intimidating, rest assured, at Distinct Packaging it's not. Once you pick your preferred packaging type and size, you have a few choices:

The first is to design right in Distinct Packaging's intuitive tool. Using Distinct Packaging's free online tool, it's easy to add color, text, graphics, and images directly to your packaging. In the case of most boxes, you can customize both the outside and the inside of your box. For gift bags, all outer areas can be customized (including the bottom). And no matter what type of packaging you choose to personalize, you can see everything update in real-time using 3-D preview, which allows you to fold, unfold and rotate your packaging to view it from every angle. It's also possible to share your design with a friend or colleague right in the tool. See, we told you it was a no-brainer!

If you prefer to use your own design program, then it's equally painless to download a dieline specific to your packaging size and type (find download a dieline on the product pages) and design offline. Once you've tweaked your design to perfection on your desktop, simply upload the file into the Distinct Packaging design tool to begin the order process. It's all the control you want by using your own design tools—but without having to worry about the hassle of creating your own design template or dieline.

Finally, what if you decide that you want to be totally hands-off and have your custom packaging created for you? Save time and use Distinct Packaging's in-house design services. You provide the creative assets like a logo or image and any creative direction, and a trusted packaging designer creates everything for you. All you have to do is approve the design. Take me to the Design Assistant.

Custom Corporate Wine Boxes

3. Choose your box material and quantity.
Once you've got your packaging designed ready to go, you can choose your box type (white or kraft, for instance) or print options for gift bags (matte or gloss). Then you pick a quantity to order. At Distinct Packaging it's possible to order just one as a sample, or you can order exactly the amount you need, even if that number is an oddball like 77 or 118 or 5,364. The more you order, the cheaper each item is, of course, but having the flexibility to order exactly what you need means you're not stuck with tens or hundreds or thousands of boxes or bags you don't need. You simply click "order," flex your credit card, and you're well on your way to custom packaging for your party or event before your coffee has even cooled.

Then, it's time to wait—but not too long—for your packaging to arrive. All Distinct Packaging orders are guaranteed to ship within 10 business days of being placed, and if you need something special or are in a rush, call Distinct Packaging toll-free at (877) 464-1959, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m EST to discuss expediting your order or going totally custom.

Custom-printed boxes or bags work as party favors whether you're throwing a party for your bridesmaid or groomsman, creating wedding favors or thank-you gifts, sending corporate or personal holiday gifts, in need of custom wine gift boxes and tissue paper, or adding pizzazz to an event with custom packaging.

Get started at Distinct Packaging.
Erin Behan

Written by Erin Behan

Erin Behan is an L.A.-based writer and editor who considers fine paper one of life's little pleasures.


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