Choosing the Right Shipping Box Material for Your Brand

April 30, 2019 by Erin Behan

When you're deciding on the right shipping box material for your custom packaging needs, you'll need to consider both the type of cardboard available and how text and color appears when printed. Read on for details on the the four types of corrugated cardboard materials available at Distinct Packaging: Kraft, Standard White, Premium White, and Premium White Gloss.

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Kraft is the standard brown cardboard with which most are familiar. With Kraft, you will see the natural brown cardboard color underneath your printing, making color printed on Kraft board appear muted when compared to color printed on Standard White or Premium White board. Kraft is 100% recycled.
Why use Kraft? Kraft is great for printing dark, bold, vibrant colors. Note that the finished box will not have the same color intensity as the online preview.

Standard White
Standard White (also referred to as mottled white) is the everyday white corrugated material used for packaging. Standard White has a slight variation in the whiteness as you can see some of the Kraft pulp fibers if you look closely. The standard grade is #3 white.
Why use Standard White? Standard White produces a high print quality with all colors, especially lighter ones.

Premium White
Premium White is made with a solid, bleached heavy clay-coated outer liner paper for the best looking print quality. Distinct Packaging’s Premium paper option is C2S finish white coating.
Why use Premium White? Premium White, a step above Standard White, produces an enhanced print quality with all colors, especially lighter ones.

Premium White Gloss
Premium White Gloss, a UV curing process of printed ink, takes designs printed on Premium White corrugated to the next level. The process gives a gorgeous glossy sheen to the ink when printed. The unprinted areas remain smooth matte while the printed areas are glossy. A few things to note about Premium White Gloss:
1. Two-sided printing with gloss will be gloss on both sides.
2. Light colors, especially yellow, cyan, or magenta do not display the gloss process very well because so little ink is used to achieve the light colors.
3. Any reverse print or ink-blocked areas will not appear glossy because there is no ink to UV cure.

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Why use Premium White Gloss?
Premium White Gloss makes printed areas appear shinier and more vibrant. This is especially true with dark colors, as more CMYK ink dots are used. This choice is only for those customizing their packaging with printed ink.

A Note About About White Ink
The Distinct Packaging printing process doesn't allow for white ink. Fonts or artwork that call for white will instead be printed as "clear," meaning the cardboard underneath — whether Kraft brown or white — will show through.

Box Strength
All our boxes are 32 ECT. The Edge Crush Test helps measure the maximum weight a box can withstand. A 32 ECT box can hold up to 30 pounds and is appropriate for most shipping applications.

Same Color Inside and Out
Whether you choose Kraft, Standard White, or Premium White, the color on the outside of the box is the same as the color on the inside.

No matter which box you choose — Kraft, Standard White, Premium White, or Premium White Gloss — rest assured that you're getting high-quality packaging that can withstand the rigors of shipping, while also showcasing your products with the best in printing technology.

Get started on your custom box today at Distinct Packaging.
Erin Behan

Written by Erin Behan

Erin Behan is an L.A.-based writer and editor who considers fine paper one of life's little pleasures.


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