Custom Gift Boxes Set the Mood at the David Tutera Event Planning Symposium

October 9, 2018 by Erin Behan

When a celebrity event and wedding planner throws a party, you know it's going to be good. The David Tutera Event Planning Symposium in Santa Monica this past spring was no different. Along with offering practical information on how to build a business, sustain a career, and stand out in the industry to event planning professionals from around the world, David Tutera executed a show-stopping party for the planners in attendance.

Naturally, this party included gifts, and in an effort to make the attendees feel special, those gifts were bundled in custom mailer boxes from Distinct Packaging.

The response was "amazing" says Joey Toth, chief operating officer of Dada Media, the operating company behind the David Tutera brand (Toth is also Tutera's husband). Attendees were "blown away by the boxes because they were fully customized," Toth says.

David Tutera box by Distinct Packaging
Photo Credit: David Tutera

The custom mailer boxes, expertly matched to the event colors of lavender and gold, included an artful event logo on the outside and a special thank-you note to event-goers on the inside. "It was so purposeful, and they all really appreciated that," Toth says. "It went with the decor. It went with everything, and it really provided a beautiful opportunity on the photos."

Beyond the wow factor, Toth says that the durability of the boxes made the logistical aspect of storing and transporting the gifts a breeze. "We were able to package all of these offsite, and we were able to transport them to the venue. And no boxes were damaged or bent because of the their high-quality construction."

David Tutera with Distinct Packaging boxes
Photo Credit: David Tutera

Toth got tipped off to Distinct Packaging via an email, and he jumped at the chance to source from a reputable company as he'd been disappointed by low-quality boxes from other vendors in the past.

"It was just great timing," he says of his introduction to Distinct Packaging. "We had a phone call, and before I knew it I had samples. It was really a great, great process."

Toth says he was also surprised by the ease and quick turnaround: "To create a custom package—when you think about that—it sounds like it's going to be a difficult process, but it really wasn't. The team at Distinct Packaging was able to take two graphic files and give me a couple of options, and I was able to select right from there. So they made it seamless, and they had a great eye."

Photo Credit: David Tutera

The boxes helped to reinforce a mantra at David Tutera, which is that "no two events are the same," Toth says. "An event should tell a couples' story or the purpose." Of course, he adds, one of the most important elements at any party is, "What's the takeaway? And how is that takeaway presented? It is all about the presentation and creating an experience."

There are four ways to create your own show-stopping takeaway at Distinct Packaging:

1. Design custom packaging yourself.
Go to Distinct Packaging and choose the box type and size (or create your own size) that fits your event and design your box using the easy-to-use 3D tool. You can also download the box template and create your box using the design program you prefer.

2. Use Distinct Packaging's Design Assistant service.
Distinct Packaging is more than a D.I.Y. custom packaging site. It's also a full-service packaging design studio. Upload your creative assets, including your logo, artwork, and design direction, and Distinct Packaging creates packaging for you to approve. Prices start at $25.

3. Use Distinct Packaging's Custom Project service.
There's more to Distinct Packaging than what's on the website. Custom sizes, complex inserts, and other special services are all available at Distinct Packaging through its Custom Project service. Prices depend on complexity of the project.

4. Call (or email) for help! If you're not sure what you need or how to make it happen, give Distinct Packaging a call. To speak with someone directly, call toll-free at (877) 464-1959, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m EST. To reach Distinct Packaging via email, use

For more ideas on how custom packaging can be integrated into your next party or event, check out 8 Ways to Make Your Event Better With Custom Packaging.
Erin Behan

Written by Erin Behan

Erin Behan is an L.A.-based writer and editor who considers fine paper one of life's little pleasures.


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