Custom Packaging Design - When to Order a Sample Box

June 12, 2018 by Erin Behan

One of the benefits of ordering custom packaging online is that you don't have to engage in multiple back-and-forth rounds with a printer, and there's no need to come into the shop to approve samples—everything can be done simply and efficiently online.

Design your box on Distinct Packaging

To make sure there are no surprises when your shipment of custom boxes arrives, Distinct Packaging offers real-time 3-D preview for all of its custom packaging products, everything from shipping boxes to beverage packs to golf ball sleeves in its tool. Most Distinct Packaging customers happily order without ever having received a sample box.

In certain situations, however, there is value in ordering a sample box or boxes before placing your entire custom packaging order. Read on to find out when you might want to order a sample and how to order one on Distinct Packaging.

1. Your product needs to fit inside your custom box to certain specifications.
You can measure all you want, but if you want to make sure your product or products fits into a box the way you've envisioned, the best test case is with box in hand. Whether you're ordering a gift box or a shipping box (or both!), getting a sample to test the fit—especially if you’ve got inner packaging materials you want to include—is the only way to be sure it'll work. This is especially important if you're ordering a custom-sized box or have an unusually sized product.

2. You want an exact color match to your brand on your custom packaging.
Even if you're an experienced designer who's comfortable using CMYK for print, you can't expect an exact match between what appears on screen and what appears in print (it'll get very close, but for some people very close isn't good enough). It can also be hard to imagine exactly how colors will print on a kraft box vs. on a white box or a premium white gloss box. If you need an exact color to match your brand colors, or for any other reason, it's best to order a sample for peace of mind.

3. You want to understand the unboxing experience.
Before you even design your box in a design tool, you might start by mocking up a blank box. Once you've cut out your logo and whatever else is going on the box, stick it right on the blank box to get a sense of where it should go and how it looks. Once you've comped your box and designed it on Distinct Packaging, there's still no experience like holding your custom-printed box in your hand, especially if you're designing for a client who may not be able to envision what the on-screen preview will look like when printed. In this case, ordering a sample makes everyone happy.

4. You are placing an especially large order.
If you're ordering a few hundred boxes at a time, it may be no big deal if you get your shipment and decide that for your next printing, you'll center the logo a bit more, use a different font, or print on a different color box. If you order thousands at a time, however, you may have more of an incentive to make sure everything is right where you want it the first time. With a printed box in hand, you'll have the confidence to place a much larger order, knowing that everything is just as you like.

5. You're a perfectionist and have plenty of time before you need your custom packaging.
For those who've planned ahead and have plenty of time before they need their custom packaging, putting in a sample order just to make sure there aren't any tweaks needed to the look or design of the box is a good idea. Distinct Packaging promises orders will ship in 10 business days of an order being placed, so if you've got at least five weeks before you need your final order in hand, placing a small sample order is a good way to gauge your design, make some tweaks, put in your final order, and have your boxes with time to spare.

How to Order a Sample Box on Distinct Packaging
Ordering a sample at Distinct Packaging is easy. Custom-design your box either online, using the Distinct Packaging tool, or offline, using a downloadable PDF. Once you've completed your design, choose the number of sample boxes you want. At Distinct Packaging, there's never a minimum. The more boxes you order, the cheaper each box is, but it's as easy to order just 1 as it is 1,000.

To get you started, Distinct Packaging is offering FREE sample boxes to customers who place an order now through June 20, 2018. To receive up to 10 samples of a single box design, design your packaging at Distinct Packaging, select anywhere from 1-10 boxes as the order amount, and use code FREESAMPLES at checkout. Shipping is not included in this deal.

For more tips on custom package design, check out How to Design a Box on Distinct Packaging.
Erin Behan

Written by Erin Behan

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