4 Tips for Customizing Tissue Paper

May 28, 2019 by Erin Behan

Packaging done right is all about the tease—making a simple purchase feel like something special by highlighting the unboxing experience. In today's everything-by-mail world, after all, the first physical brand experience customers get is often from the box a product comes in. Customizing your shipping or interior box is one way to wow your customers, but don't stop there. Adding custom tissue paper to your packaging arsenal can help your brand stand out in an increasingly crowded e-commerce world.

Custom bag and tissue paper

Here's how to make top-notch custom tissue paper for every occasion:

1. Coordinate your tissue paper with the rest of your packaging.
Your tissue paper should feel like a natural extension of your brand, personality, or event. For the best look, the color and design you pick for your tissue paper should coordinate with your brand's color palette and aesthetic. As such, it's good to review Top 10 Tips for Creating Pleasing Packaging Designs from our design expert; you'll find ideas on clarifying your overall packaging vision, on keeping things simple (from color to fonts to backgrounds), and on why mocking up your design is a given no matter what type of packaging you're creating.

2. Get creative with a repeating pattern.
Most tissue paper designs use a repeating pattern to great effect. Your tissue paper might simply repeat a logo or image, and that can be enough—after all, simple is often the best way to go when designing packaging. However, if you've already designed your gift bag or box with a minimalist mindset, consider using more colorful tissue paper in a more intricate design to offer that eye-catching "pop" you want in packaging. Here's an easy way to create what looks like a complicated design: Use a software design program to your advantage and create an overlapping pattern with multiple coordinating images, which makes it hard to tell exactly where the pattern stops and starts.

3. Use colorful tissue paper to draw attention.
Have a kraft box with simple black lettering on the outside? Or perhaps a stark white box printed with just a single color for impact? Add a real pop of color (and perhaps a pattern) on the inside of your box by wrapping your product in custom-printed tissue paper. After all, color is a powerful way to convey emotion, from attention-grabbing red to calming blue or a lavish purple.

4. Use custom tissue paper to highlight something special.
Branding is about consistency, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun. You might not always want to change your box design up for every holiday or new product release, but it's easy and cost-effective to swap in new tissue paper, especially for popular gifting seasons. Repeat customers will appreciate the new experience with each delivery too.

Custom tissue paper with logo

The Specifics on Custom Tissue Paper at Distinct Packaging
Creating and ordering custom tissue paper couldn't be easier at Distinct Packaging.com, and there are plenty of options to fit a multitude of needs.

Tissue paper weights: Tissue paper is available in two weights, No. 10 (standard tissue paper thickness) and No. 18 (heftier than regular tissue but not as thick as most wrapping paper).

Tissue paper sizes: The standard tissue paper comes in three sizes (10x15-inch, 15x20-inch, and 17x23-inch), while No. 18 can also be ordered in a larger 20x30-inch size. Order more than 1,000 sheets, and tissue paper can be custom-cut to a specified size for a fee.

Tissue paper colors: Since Distinct Packaging prints its tissue paper digitally, it can be tinted to any desired color. However, in addition to ordering tinted tissue, it's possible to order stock colored tissue paper upon request with 70 colors from which to choose. To print on stock colored tissue paper, order quantity must exceed 3,000 sheets.

No matter what weight, size, or color tissue paper you choose, when you order from Distinct Packaging you have options. Choose to design and order custom tissue paper yourself or take advantage of Design Assistant and have a design expert create your tissue paper for you.

Can't get enough of tissue paper? Read even more about how custom tissue paper can take your packaging to the next level.
Erin Behan

Written by Erin Behan

Erin Behan is an L.A.-based writer and editor who considers fine paper one of life's little pleasures.


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