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August 21, 2018 by Erin Behan

There's custom packaging and then there's custom packaging. Confused? Don’t be. At Distinct Packaging, you can easily customize all of our packaging options—corrugated boxes, folding cartons, beverage cartons, and poly mailers. Much of that customization can be done on your own on our website without any outside assistance. If what you've got in mind for your custom packaging is a bit more complicated, you're going to need to some help from the experts at Distinct Packaging.

Custom Packaging Boxes

D.I.Y. Custom Packaging.
On our first level of customization at Distinct Packaging, you can choose or create your preferred size, add your choice of fonts and graphics to the outside (and, in most cases, inside) of your packaging, choose your finish, and place your order. This first level of customization can be done seamlessly online, using the Distinct Packaging design tool. While there's always customer support if you need it, you're free to design your packaging and order on your own without extra help. As with all of Distinct Packaging's offerings, there's never a minimum order, and orders ship within 10 business days of being placed.

Distinct Packaging-Supported Custom Packaging.
For those who need a box type, size, or extra-special printing method that's not listed on the Distinct Packaging website, we've got you covered too. Distinct Packaging has a team of highly qualified package design experts who know the ins and outs of box creation and can perform all sorts of design wizardry to make your packaging dreams come true.

To help get your imagination going to the types of customization Distinct Packaging offers, we've created a list of customization options. Know what you want, but don't see it on the list? Pick up the phone and call (877) 464-1959 or send us an email at support@distinctpackaging.com; we're always eager to try something new. Read on for a list of our customization options.

Custom Insert for Yogurt Box

Inserts in corrugated boxes tend to be used either to secure items in transit or to ensure a positive presentation. On the transit side, liquor bottles, beer bottles, and yogurt packs are just a few of the items you might want to pack with inserts for secure shipping. Inserts are customized to the shape and size of your products for a perfect fit. On the presentation side, inserts can be used for creating a raised insert to hold something such as a brochure, and slits can be created for business cards.

On either side of the spectrum, if you’re sending a gift set that you want to be both secure and look top-notch, a custom insert is just want you need. For example, if you’re shipping a liquor bottle, a bottle opener, and a recipe booklet, inserts or tabs for each keep the items securely in place and make for a pleasing unboxing experience.

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping.
Humans love shiny things, and a glittering logo on a rigid cardboard or paperboard box is a quick route to giving your branded packaging the "luxury" treatment. If you want to do foil stamping, you need to be prepared for some hefty setup costs (generally between $1,500 and $2,000). Most customers who opt for foil stamping order more than 1,000 boxes to make the high setup fees worth the cost.

The process of raising or printing a pattern in relief on a box works best on custom gift and favor boxes (corrugated is too thick). You can emboss just about anything onto a box, including logos, repeating prints, and outlines of images. If you really want to get fancy, consider combining raised embossing with its opposite, debossing. It's possible to add foil stamping to embossing for extra pizzazz.

Raised print.
In lieu of embossing, which can get expensive quickly, opt for a raised polymer. It's even possible to do holographic printing, but it's not cheap. Other options to get this effect include using spot color UV or foil UV, which highlights wherever there's ink for extra attention on your fonts and design.

Golf Ball Sleeves

Oddly sized boxes.
Distinct Packaging has trained, expert-level CAD designers who can create boxes for very specific needs. People who know how boxes fold and unfold and know how to design so boxes maintain their integrity. That means, no matter how unusual your design, when it's done, it will perform to your expectations. So whether you need a specially sized box with inserts, unique folds, certain usual spacing, or other design features, the designers at Distinct Packaging can help, thanks to their many years of experience in the business. That said, the more complicated the shape of the box, the more expensive. It's often more economically feasible to create the best-fitting square or rectangular box than to try for a box with multiple odd angles or rounded corners. And, like with all special orders, if you order more, you get a better price per box.

Different flutes.
Corrugated cardboard is made from two flat linerboards sandwiched around a fluted corrugated sheet that looks a bit like an outline of ocean waves. Flutes are graded by letters, from A to F. Typically, boxes at Distinct Packaging are E or B flute, but differing flute sizes are possible including an extra-rigid, double-thick walled box, with two layers of fluting.

Just about any shape can be cut out of a box, from standards including circles and squares to less familiar shapes such as a heptagram, nonagon, reuleaux triangle, and the squircle. Practical uses include cutting out a window out for a better view of your product and the applications are endless, from a cat toy to a high-end product display. Cutting out small lines to insert business cards or other flat items can be done on corrugated or paperboard boxes too.

Box sleeves.
Whether you slip it around a corrugated shipping box or a gift box, box sleeves can jazz up the look of your box at a fairly low cost. Box sleeves can be printed in full color at just about any size. Applications can extend to product displays.

Two-sided printing.
Unlike at many other similar print for packaging companies, at Distinct Packaging, most boxes automatically qualify for two-sided printing. You pay slightly more per box for this feature, but it's a popular one, especially for subscription box services.

Coating options.
Distinct Packaging has several options for box type and coating. Standard options include Kraft, which is kraft both on the outside and inside. Standard White is white on the outside and inside. Premium White is coated white both on the soutside and inside. Premium White Gloss is coated white both on the outside and inside, but the gloss only gets applied to the ink. So to get your money's worth on that feature, you want to use it on a box with lots of color.

Branded Tissue Paper

Branded tissue paper.
If the overall unboxing experience is important to you (and we're guessing it is, given your interest in custom boxes), including branded tissue paper is an easy and inexpensive way to pump up the look of your shipment. Distinct Packaging offers customized tissue paper in a 10-pound weight, which is the standard tissue paper weight you're used to, or in 18-pound white, which is thicker and more durable than standard tissue paper. Branded tissue paper is available in a single sheet or an unlimited number of sheets.

Paper gift bags.
Laminated paper bags, fully customized with your logo or other design elements—plus the choice of colored rope handles—are available through Distinct Packaging. Whether you want to coordinate the bags to go with a custom box you're already working on, or you just need some gift bags, we can make it work for you, for just one or thousands.

Box with Handles

If you've got a box design up your sleeve that includes a handle, perhaps making your box mimic the look of a suitcase, then Distinct Packaging has you covered.

Tamper-proof boxes.
Distinct Packaging can produce tamper-proof shipping boxes by using special types of manufacturing and glueing techniques. This type of box works well for the cannabis market in states that have legalized either recreational and/or medical marijuana and for any industry where package integrity is paramount.

There are several ways to get started on extra-special custom packaging with Distinct Packaging:
Use our Request a Quote form to get the conversation started.
Call a representative at (877) 464-1959, Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. EST.
Send an email with your ideas to support@distinctpackaging.com.
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