Thinking About Custom Packaging? Here's Why Customer Service Matters

August 7, 2018 by Erin Behan

Distinct Packaging Customer Service

In an era of online everything, there's a certain ease and comfort in managing every aspect of one's life and business by smartphone or computer, without ever having to talk to anyone. That is, until you have a question or an outside-of-the-box request, or—heaven forbid—something goes wrong.

In those moments when a website's FAQ page just isn’t cutting it, you want to talk to a human. That's true across the board, but doubly so when you're designing and ordering custom branded packaging. No matter if you're using custom packaging as an extension of your digital storefront, as a way to generate excitement and interest in your brand, as a way to pump up the exclusivity of your brand, or for something else entirely, you want your packaging to be just so.

Distinct Packaging, launched in early 2017, knows how important that personal touch is for a customer. The online Distinct Packaging experience was designed for ease, with simple drop-down menus to select your box type and size and an intuitive custom packaging design tool with 3-D preview, and it's backed by a responsive team of design and packaging professionals who know boxes—and custom box design—inside and out.

Having the option of talking to a U.S.-based representative (without having to worm your way through a complicated phone menu system) is just the kind of reassurance many of Distinct Packaging's customers appreciate.

Responsive Customer Service at Distinct Packaging means that a representative:
1. Answers your questions directly and efficiently via phone or email within one business day.
2. Gives personalized advice on which packaging product meets your specific needs.
3. Offers assistance using the Distinct Packaging design tool, including uploading your designs into the tool or modifying them, if needed.
4. Assists with special packaging requests, in regards to shape, size, and features such as cut-outs.
5. Works with you to make sure your budget and timeline are met.

These customer service perks have made devotees out of Distinct Packaging customers, including Ginalyn McNamara, an art director at supplement company Golden Ratio. McNamara found Distinct Packaging through a Google search and was impressed with the 3-D rendering system that allows customers to see their custom-designed box from every angle. Still, she wanted proof that what she was seeing on-screen was what she'd receive as a box, so she called and talked to Randy Barron, Distinct Packaging's director of product innovation, and then ordered one box.

"When I got my box, it was super quick, which was really exciting for me. Having seen the real-time proof and getting the product in such a quick turnaround—the design is still exciting," she says. (Read more of McNamara's experience.)

Another Distinct Packaging customer, Andrea Ort, co-founder of Roxy Grace and Company, came to Distinct Packaging out of frustration with a print for packaging company that took days to respond by email and never answered the phone.

Ort searched Google for a new printer, found Distinct Packaging, and picked up the phone to make a call. Much to her surprise, she got someone on the phone right away, an experience she wasn't used to as a small business owner.

"When you're a new business, nobody wants to work with you, especially when you're doing limited quantities," Ort says. "Everybody wants you to do 10,000 boxes."

Not only did Distinct Packaging walk her through the order process — "the customer service is really top-notch" — but "the boxes we got were just as nice as the ones we got before" with "fantastic print quality," Ort says. (Read more of Ort’s experience.)

Another satisfied customer is Mary Nicolello, marketing coordinator at Vigon International. She turned to Distinct Packaging after confusing back-and-forth and "incredibly long" lead and turnaround times with another packaging company to produce a branded welcome box. Frustrated and almost out of time, she filled out a request a quote form at Distinct Packaging.

"I got a call and an email almost immediately after that," Nicolello said. "The gentleman I spoke to on the phone was very concerned about what we needed and how quickly he could get it to us because the project was supposed to be almost finished. So it was nice to work with people who actually cared about turnaround time."

Distinct Packaging values its customers

Nicolello designed Vigon's welcome box on Adobe Illustrator. Using the dielines sent from Distinct Packaging, she said she was able to put it on the dielines herself—"laying out everything exactly how I wanted." This avoided some of the confusing back-and-forth she'd experienced at the first packaging company, a process that sometimes introduced errors instead of fixing them, she said.

That balance of customer service availability—"It's nice to work with another person instead of trusting an ordering form to get everything correct"—and autonomy in the design process really impressed Nicolello. (Read more of Nicolello's experience.)

For Jill Goldstein at JGoldsteinPR, Distinct Packaging helped her turn her dream of a promotional box into reality. “Distinct Packaging just did an amazing job. I sent them samples of what I wanted it to look like, and artwork to put it on the box, and they just took it to the next level," she says.

That the Distinct Packaging team was able to design, proof, print, and deliver the boxes in seven days was no small feat, Eva Ginsberg of Distinct Packaging says. Most custom box orders are shipped within 10 business days of being received, but "we made it happen," she says "because we're not satisfied until our customers are." (Read more of Goldstein's experience.)

To get begin your Distinct Packaging experience, head to the website and get designing. And if you do need help or have a question, here's how to connect to someone:
Fill out a Request a Quote form online.
Call (877) 464-1959, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.
Erin Behan

Written by Erin Behan

Erin Behan is an L.A.-based writer and editor who considers fine paper one of life's little pleasures.


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