How 3-D Packaging Preview Can Help Your Branding Agency

January 29, 2019 by Erin Behan

When branding and promotional agencies need custom packaging for a client project—shipping, a product rollout, special event, or other branded need—it's important to work with a custom packaging company that excels at customer service and has effective communication down pat. After all, the project is going to involve a three-way conversation between the agency, the client, and the packaging company—any wrinkle in the process and the promo agency is usually the one who takes the heat from the client.

Here are a few other important things to look for in a custom packaging company:
1. Does it offer a variety of box types and sizes to complement your client's needs?
2. Does it offer the ability to fully customize any packaging type with extras such as inserts?
3. Does it offer the ability to order as few or as many boxes as you wish?
4. Does it offer the ability to print on the outside and inside of most of its packaging?
5. Does it offer a digital tool that allows you to design a box on your own if you'd like?
6. Does it offer the expertise of packaging designers who will create your packaging for you?
7. Does it offer a free 360-degree, 3-D preview of your packaging before you buy?
8. Do its team members pick up the phone when you call or promptly answer emails?

Custom  Branded Promotional Box

Distinct Packaging checks all the above boxes and then some, as Tracy Milowitz, senior account executive at the promotional product and branding agency Captiv8 Promotions in New York City, recently discovered. Milowitz needed branded packaging for one of her clients and decided to start her search from scratch in the hopes of landing a company that delivered on both quality product and responsive customer service.

In Milowitz's search for a custom packaging company, she queried her coworkers on leads for a quality custom packaging company. Someone in her office recommended Distinct Packaging, and Milowitz says that after she took a look at the company's website, she knew she'd found her match. "That's it. That's exactly what I want," she says she thought, after seeing online photos of the company's varied shipping boxes, mailer boxes, and other available options such as tissue paper.

Captiv8 has worked on branded and promotional materials for clients ranging from TLC to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History to AriZona Beverages. In this case, the client had an initial idea for the box concept—which was shipped to Milowitz's office—and using that idea as a guide, Milowitz worked with the Distinct Packaging team via phone and email to nail down exact colors, logo placement, and other details to get the box just-so for her client.

Of course, there was some back and forth among Milowitz, her client, and Distinct Packaging to get things exactly right, but Milowitz says that one aspect of Distinct Packaging that really made the difference was its intuitive design platform—which can be used by clients for a DIY experience or can be used by Distinct Packaging's professional designers to send proofs back and forth to clients.

Online 3-D Rendering on Box Design

More than anything, it was Distinct Packaging's 3-D rendering with 360-degree view that convinced her (and her client) that they made the right choice. "I was really blown away," she said of the 3-D option. "My client was able to see exactly what the boxes were going to look like."

The ability to send her client a link with a full rendering of the boxes allowed Milowitz to reassure her client that the box was exactly as desired, Milowitz says, and it allowed her to do so without ever ordering a physical box. It made Milowitz and the Captiv8 Promotions team look good, too.

In fact, once the project was finished, Milowitz was so pleased with her experience that she sent the Distinct Packaging website link to others in her office, singing the praises of the company's preview ability, the key, she says, in selling her client on the packaging.

"I felt very prideful being able to show the rendering to my clients," she says.

Additionally, Milowitz says she also appreciates the "quick" response time from the Distinct Packaging team and for so being "so easy to work with."

Think Distinct Packaging might be right for your promotional or branding agency? Read more customer experiences with Distinct Packaging, hop on over to the Distinct Packaging website to have a look around, email, or call the team at (877) 464-1959.
Erin Behan

Written by Erin Behan

Erin Behan is an L.A.-based writer and editor who considers fine paper one of life's little pleasures.


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