How Custom Packaging Can Save Your Business Money

June 19, 2018 by Erin Behan

When it comes to custom packaging, the maxim that sometimes you've got to spend money to save money definitely rings true. So while ordering customized boxes for your business will likely cost more than ordering blank boxes, the returns on custom packaging can help to shrink that gap, or even flip your purchase into savings. Here are five ways that buying custom packaging on Distinct Packaging will bring a return on investment, from acting as free advertising to increasing the perceived value of your product.

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1. Custom packaging is free advertising.
Everywhere your custom box goes, it serves as an ambassador for your brand. From the moment it leaves your shop or warehouse to its arrival on your customer's doorstep (and beyond), custom packaging tells your brand story to all who see it. In the age of unboxing videos, custom packaging can reach beyond a single customer to the entire internet for a real sales boost there too. As online sales anchor more and more businesses, the box becomes an extension of the store and brand. "Increasingly, your store isn't brick and mortar," says senior package designer Mike Foss. "Your store is your box left on a doorstep, so there's a lot of importance to place on that box."

2. Custom packaging drives interest and anticipation.
Well-designed packaging can be key to a customer making a purchase or in choosing your brand over another similar one. That's what Andrea Ort of Roxy Grace and Company discovered when she started a line of all-natural, handmade bath and body products. "People tend to buy more for the box than the content," Ort says. "We realized that packaging is really important. So we're willing to spend a little more and do a little more on our packaging just to get it out there."

3. Custom packaging creates customer loyalty.
Whether you change your branded box every month to keep your customers coming back for the next installment or you use limited-time boxes to generate excitement about a new product, using custom boxes to strengthen customer loyalty is another way that the money spent on custom packaging can also double as money spent on marketing. Impress your customers by adding a handwritten note inside thanking them for their business, or, tease them with images of your new box via social media. With Distinct Packaging's fast printing and delivery time (orders ship within 10 business days of being placed), you can customize and order a box online and be shipping it out just a few weeks later to your customers.

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4. Custom packaging increases perceived value of your product.
First impressions make a difference, especially in packaging. According to a recent Dotcom Distribution survey, forty percent of online shoppers say branded or gift-like packaging affects their perception of the brand or retailer from which it shipped. For respondents who said that gift-like packaging has an impact on brand perception, more than two-thirds reported that it makes a brand seem upscale. Skip out on custom packaging and you're missing a chance to push your product into a higher value space.

5. Custom packaging is easier and less expensive than you'd think.
If you've never priced custom packaging, you might be surprised by its reasonable costs, especially when you consider that you need to invest zero time and energy in personalization (no stickers or stamps to manually add). A corrugated mailer box that measures 8" x 5" x 2", for instance, can be fully customized for $1.63 per box if you order 500 on Distinct Packaging. Of course, you can order as few or as many custom boxes as you'd like with no added fees. And the design process is also quite simple. Simply choose the box type and size you'd like to customize and either use Distinct Packaging's online tool or download a PDF to work offline. Once you've designed your box, place your order in the tool. That's it!

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Written by Erin Behan

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