How to Create Custom Boxes and Packaging for Your Wedding

April 16, 2019 by Erin Behan

When you're planning a wedding, you want everything to be just right, from the invitations to the welcome gifts to the wedding itself and the final touch of the night, wedding favors. Custom printed boxes are an easy, economical, and unique way to put the finishing touches on your dream wedding.

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Custom Wedding Box Tip No. 1: Make it Personal
Welcome gifts and wedding favors are one aspect of the wedding where couples can get personal and flex their creative muscles, says wedding planner Leah Weinberg, owner of Color Pop Events in New York City.

"I tell couples if they are going to do something, they should make it more personal than a bag with a bottle of water and snacks," Weinberg says.

And it's not just the gifts themselves that can make or break a wedding favor — she suggests picking products local to the venue, products or objects that are meaningful to the couple, or that riff on the wedding's overall theme — the presentation of goods in a custom box is just as important.

Custom Wedding Box Tip No. 2: Tie the Event Together
To that end, custom boxes for weddings offer an opportunity to "bring an event together," says Oleg Korchinski, an L.A.-based architectural strategy consultant who has worked on custom packaging for weddings.

"Packaging is not just a box that you open and throw away. It's more the beginning of the experience," whether the box opens to reveal a multi-piece wedding invitation, a wedding welcome kit, or an end-of-the-night wedding favor.

Custom Wedding Box Tip No. 3: Define Your Wedding's Essence
When it comes to designing boxes for a wedding, Korchinski suggests the couple first write down adjectives that they want to be associated with their wedding (perhaps words like elegant, fluffy, design-y, or minimal). Once the couple has decided on a key adjective or two, any designs can be measured on their ability to further that idea.

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Custom Wedding Box Tip No. 4: Consider the Invitation
The sky's the limit with inspirational packaging ideas for wedding boxes. If it's to box a multi-part wedding invite (Weinberg remembers one that included the invitation and reply card, subway map, and agate slice printed with song lyrics), the box itself can play a part in the invitation, whether printed with a map of the city, a photo of the couple, a meaningful quote, or other relevant information.

Custom Wedding Box Tip No. 5: Play Off the Wedding Theme
The wedding welcome kit or wedding favor boxes might riff off the wedding's theme or reference its venue. For instance, Weinberg has had couples plan movie-themed weddings. In that instance she says the box might be designed to look like a movie theater popcorn bag and be filled with popcorn, concession-type candy, and a gift card for movie tickets.

Custom Wedding Box Tip No. 6: Incorporate Wedding Colors, a Photo, or Hashtag
Weinberg says that putting the wedding colors on the boxes or adding a fun picture of the couple on the custom box are smart ways to tie in your overall wedding theme with your custom boxes. She notes that "hashtags are really big right now" and would be a cute text addition to any wedding boxes.

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Custom Wedding Box Tip No. 7: Use Wallpaper or Gift Wrap as Inspiration
On the design side, Korchinski encourages couples to think of the design for the box like wrapping paper or wallpaper. You might create several complementary designs or you might take one design and have it going in a few different directions for placement on the boxes.

Custom Wedding Box Tip No. 8: Get Creative With Box Presentation
Once your custom wedding boxes are printed, presentation is key. Couples might use the custom packaging as a decor element by artfully arranging the boxes on a table or stacking them as a pyramid. With boxes printed in a color gradient, an ombre effect could be achieved.

Korchinski remembers one event in which all the boxes were stacked and then a design was spray-painted across the front of the boxes as a unit, so that as each box was taken by a guest, a bit of the design was lost, creating an interactive element and guaranteeing that no guest forgot to take a piece of the event home.

Custom Wedding Box Tip No. 9: Know that Custom Boxes Can Save You Money
Budget and a realistic assessment of a couple's time and creativity are important, says Weinberg. She notes that by using the wedding boxes as escort cards (perhaps filled with candy) or by creatively stacking them and eliminating the need for a large floral centerpiece, custom wedding boxes could help save money in your wedding budget.

Custom Wedding Box Tip No. 10: Be True to Yourself
All that advice aside, Korchinski says to take the risk and do what you think looks wicked-cool, "This is your wedding, you make the rules. There is no wrong!"

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Erin Behan

Written by Erin Behan

Erin Behan is an L.A.-based writer and editor who considers fine paper one of life's little pleasures.


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