Inexpensive Ways to Brand Your Box

January 22, 2019 by Erin Behan

You wouldn't give a product presentation wearing your slouchy weekend sweatpants, and you shouldn't send your product off to your customer in the packaging equivalent, a nameless and faceless cardboard box. Put simply, presentation matters, and in the world of online retail, your first impression is the packaging that lands on your customer's doorstep.

It's hard to imagine a customer that wouldn't be delighted by a well-designed box, but the numbers show that premium shoppers place an especially high price on thoughtful packaging, with 51 percent indicating premium packaging makes the product itself seem more valuable, 44 percent willing to make a repeat purchase based on packaging, and 37 percent who say they've shared custom packing on social media, according to a recent Shorr Packaging survey.

One of the biggest hesitations around custom packaging is price, but branding your box doesn't have to blow your budget. We've got 6 inexpensive ideas for customizing and branding your box that are easy to implement and can help boost repeat sales and draw new customers.

Custom Branded Pizza Box

1. Custom Stickers or Stamps
For those just dipping their toe in the custom packaging waters, a stamp or sticker is one good place to start. The sticker or stamp is usually a combination of a company's logo and name. Since you can put them wherever you'd like, you can experiment with the best placement on your box. Keep in mind that less is usually more when it comes to branding and packaging, so where one sticker or stamp may look classy, repeating them all over your box may look jumbled and unprofessional. Of course, while custom stickers or stamps are less expensive than some other customization options, you'll need to account for the time it takes you to customize each box and the chance that you'll have to toss a box here or there when your stamping or stickering goes awry. For a wide selection of sticker types and quick, free shipping, check out Sticker Giant.

2. Custom Tape
Another way to dress up a plain shipping box is with custom tape. Custom tape might feature your logo or slogan, it might repeat a design element from your company's brand identity (polka dots, for instance), or it might thank your customers for buying from your business. At Stickermule, custom tape comes in a variety of widths, types, and colors to suit your brand identity and packaging needs.

3. Custom Color Boxes
If your branding relies heavily on a single color, you might consider shipping in colored boxes — with your signature color on the outside, or perhaps on the inside for a colorful surprise when they open the package. Make sure you pick a printer like Distinct Packaging that offers color printing on the inside and/or outside of the box.

4. Custom Inserts and Interior Packaging
It can be as simple as tucking a branded business card or postcard with your company name and logo (perhaps with a discount code for their next purchase) inside the box, or as complicated as including a matching interior branded box that opens to reveal the product wrapped in tissue paper and held together by a twine or a sticker. A simple handwritten "thanks" with the purchaser's name somewhere on the inside of the box can do wonders for customer loyalty too.

5. Custom Printed Boxes
When you want to give your customers the premium packaging experience that's more likely to lead to repeat purchases, attract new customers, and encourage social media sharing, custom printed boxes are the answer. To keep your custom packaging on a budget, pick a company that offers up-front pricing, doesn't charge extra for color or coverage, and prints and ships quickly so you don't need to worry about rush fees. Distinct Packaging fits all of these criteria and offers a 3-D preview so there's never any question as to exactly what your box will look like. Additionally, you can order as few or as many boxes as you'd like, allowing you to pay for only the boxes you need.

6. Custom Printed Tissue Paper
Another way to make gift boxes and shipping boxes a big hit with your customers is with customized tissue paper. Be sure to order from a company that offers several size and weights of tissue paper so you get exactly what you need. For full customization, look for a printing outfit that offers the ability to personalize your tissue paper with color, text, photos, or other graphics. If you choose digitally printed tissue, it can be tinted exactly to match any color you wish if a stock color isn't what you need. At Distinct Packaging, tissue paper is available in two weights, the tissue comes in No. 10 (standard tissue paper thickness) and No. 18 (heftier than regular tissue). Both No. 10 and No. 18 come in three sizes—10x15-inch, 15x20-inch, and 17x23-inch—and No. 18 can also be ordered in a 20x30-inch size. Order more than 1,000 sheets, and they can be custom-cut too.
Erin Behan

Written by Erin Behan

Erin Behan is an L.A.-based writer and editor who considers fine paper one of life's little pleasures.


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