Introducing Our New Design Assistant Service

October 30, 2018 by Erin Behan

Sometimes you want to design custom packaging yourself and sometimes you want a professional to do the job for you. Distinct Packaging makes both of those options quick, painless, and easy.

To get your packaging designed for you, choose Distinct Packaging's new Design Assistant service, which connects you with a professional packaging designer at the click of a button. Here's how it works, and 10 reasons why you need the Design Assistant service in your life.

Custom Box Design Services

How to Use Distinct Packaging's New Design Assistant Service

1. Browse the packaging at—everything from corrugated shipping boxes to folding gift boxes and more. Once you've found the product page that interests you, choose the Design Assistant option for custom design of standard-sized boxes and click "GET STARTED."

2. Once on the Design Assistant page, fill out the form with details about what kind of box you need and what you'd like your box to look like, along with any special instructions. This is also where you upload creative assets such as logo, artwork, or any other elements you want on your box. If you prefer to start with a phone call, dial (877) 464-1959, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m EST.

3. A professional designer from Distinct Packaging responds within one business day. Once the creative direction, assets needed, and design price are agreed upon, the designer begins working on a draft design. If your designer has questions, he or she communicates directly with you about your custom packaging needs. Design services start at $25.

4. Once your designer creates your packaging, you receive a PDF of your box design and provide feedback if adjustments are needed. When you're happy with and approve your box design, it's uploaded into the Distinct Packaging tool and you order exactly the amount of boxes you need.

5. The same benefits of Distinct Packaging apply whether you choose Design Assistant, Custom Projects or the design-it-yourself option: low 10-box minimum per order, all orders ship within 10 business days of being placed, and easy access to Distinct Packaging customer service via phone, (877) 464-1959, or email,

Help Designing Your Custom Box

10 Reasons You Need Distinct Packaging’s New Design Assistant and Custom Project Services

1. Your business or event needs custom packaging, but you don't have the time to design it yourself.

2. You need a trusted packaging designer to design your boxes, but don't want the hassle of sourcing a designer yourself.

3. You want to work with design professionals who respond within one business day.

4. You want the flexibility of working with a custom packaging printer that accepts orders of all sizes.

5. You need everything from packaging design to printing to shipping done ASAP.

6. You're not sure exactly what kind of packaging and customization you need, but you know you need a professional to help.

7. You know exactly what kind of packaging you need, but it's complicated, and you need a professional to lead the way.

8. You need help figuring out how to make your custom packaging vision stay within your budget.

9. You want to work with a print for packaging company that can scale from simple custom boxes to complex one-off designs.

10. You appreciate a company that puts customer satisfaction first.

Get started with our new Design Assistant service today.
Erin Behan

Written by Erin Behan

Erin Behan is an L.A.-based writer and editor who considers fine paper one of life's little pleasures.


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