New Year, New Packaging: 6 Things to Consider When Doing a Redesign

January 8, 2019 by Erin Behan

Maybe your packaging design is staler than your great aunt's fruitcake, maybe your current package design fails to reflect a new direction for your brand or business, or maybe you just want a fresh start. Whatever the reason, starting the new year with a package redesign is a great way to refocus your business. Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you embark on a package redesign.

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Does my package design speak to my audience?
Your box is meant to keep your goods safe until they're "home." Your box design? That's all about convincing people to buy (if it's packaging meant for shelf display) or convincing them they've bought from the right place (if it's being delivered to their door). That's why it's important to pinpoint your ideal customer and speak directly to them. Are they young and carefree or older and more practical? Do they appreciate nature and the outdoors or are they inspired by urban life? Your package design should appeal to your ideal customer and invigorate sales. For more on how the right package design can connect you to your audience, read how one brand discovered that "customers buy more for the box."

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Does my package design reflect today's design trends?
Package design should make a connection between your product and its audience—and it should do so in the here and now. There's a reason you can see an old magazine ad and pinpoint the decade in which it was published. Even good design has a shelf life. Make sure your package design is using cues from today's design trends, while staying true to your brand identity. Current design trends include a focus on minimalism, custom fonts, eye-catching color, bold illustrations, foil, and creative use of white space. Check out Dieline's roundup of Top 50 Packaging Products of 2018 for of-the-moment inspiration.

Does my package design communicate one main message?
It's tempting to share all the wonderful things about your product and brand on your package design, but information overload will mean your audience is at risk of missing what's important. Once you've identified the most important message about your brand or product, make sure it's front and center in your package design. While design by committee isn't always a great idea, you might find it helpful to share your design with friends or colleagues and query what message the package design communicates to them. For more helpful hints on making your design shine, check out 10 Tips for Creating Pleasing Package Designs.

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Does my packaging match my brand?
Customers expect honesty in advertising and packaging is no different. If your packaging is bright and upbeat but your product is serious, you're setting up unfounded expectations for your customers. Or, perhaps your packaging is busy with wild bursts of color, but your brand is all about simplicity and minimalism—you're only going to confuse your customer. Make sure your packaging look and feel matches your brand and product identity. They don't have to be the same—there's room for one to play off the other—but side-by-side they should be recognizable as part of the same brand family. Learn more about Why Custom Packaging is Important in Branding Your Business.

Does my package design reflect a change in brand or items?
If your product or brand has recently undergone changes, you want your packaging to reflect that. Have you switched to be more eco-friendly, expanded or narrowed your focus, perhaps introduced a product that's new and improved in some fundamental way? Make sure your design represents this new approach for your product and business. Your packaging is a prime way to communicate your newfound direction—think of it as free advertising. For more on how custom packaging does more than just protect your product, read How Custom Packaging Drives New and Repeat Business.

Is my package design cost-effective?
Custom packaging can actually save you money, but you've got to do it right. First, make sure you're ordering a box size and type that's right for your product or shipping needs. Then there's the matter of quantity: Order more and you'll save money per box, but order too many and you'll have boxes sitting around you don't need. You may also want to consider the benefits of adding "extras" to your custom packaging. Inserts, foil stamping, oddly sized boxes, and more are all possible, but you need to balance the cost of those add-ons with your own bottom line. Order from the right custom packaging outfit and they'll help you balance your design aspirations with your budget. Learn more by reading How Much Does Custom Packaging Cost? Still not sure how to make things special and cost-effective? Get in touch with Distinct Packaging's Custom Projects department.

To make your own custom packaging, head over to Distinct Packaging where it's easy to create the packaging design that's just right for you in an easy-to-use custom tool. If you'd rather leave the design work to the professionals, opt for Distinct Packaging's Design Assistant service, backed by a team of in-house designers who create the perfect packaging for you.
Erin Behan

Written by Erin Behan

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