Package Designs Inspired by All Things Summer

July 24, 2018 by Erin Behan

Design inspiration can come from anywhere—a fallen leaf, a swatch of fabric, or the seasons. We've rounded up five package designs inspired by one of our favorite times of year, summer. Using the bright, clean colors that typify the season, these box designs have us wishing that this stretch of beach days, backyard barbecues, and the bright sun of summer would stick around.

Cocofloss custom boxes
Photo via Cocofloss

The California-based flossing company Cocofloss is trying to do what your dentist has likely attempted for years: get you excited about flossing your teeth. Started by two sisters, one a dentist, Cocofloss comes in four flavors—delicious mint, fresh coconuts, strawberries, and Cara Cara orange. It's made with coconut oil and is cruelty-free, vegan, gluten free, and paraben free. It's the packaging, however, that really catches the eye: both the outer box and inner floss itself are pretty enough to be left on your bathroom counter. Designed by Anagrama, the packaging pops with bright beachy colors and metallic foil. To get the full design experience, order the four-piece gift set that comes in a bright white box cheerily stamped with the word "happiness." Create your own custom box at Distinct Packaging.

Green Girl tuck boxes
Photo via Design Womb

Green Girl Bakeshop
The San Francisco-area allergy-friendly vegan dessert wholesaler Green Girl Bakeshop makes plant-based gelato with just four ingredients. To visualize the outfit's commitment to whole foods, Design Womb came up with a clean design for Green Girl's line of dairy-free ice cream cookie sandwiches and pint boxes of gelato, using a black-and-white crosshatch pattern and touches of color to indicate flavors such as lemon, pistachio, cardamom, and fresh mint chip. The design manages to be both modern and a bit of a throwback to the old days of icebox treats, just the thing for the dog days of summer when all you want is cool refreshment. Create your own custom tuck box at Distinct Packaging.

D.L. Geary's Summer Ale boxes
Photo via Geary's Brewing Company Instagram

D. L. Geary's Summer Ale
D. L. Geary Brewing Company, a longtime New England craft brewery, knows how to have some fun in the summer, both with its beers and its packaging. For several summers, Geary's Summer Ale has held a contest in collaboration with Maine College of Art to update the design of its Summer Ale packaging. Fresh, crisp designs that evoke summertime in Maine have been a mainstay of the contest. Create your own custom beverage box at Distinct Packaging.

Sun Basket Shipping boxes
Photo via Sun Basket

Sun Basket
Sun Basket, a meal delivery service with a focus on organic, sustainable ingredients, ships its boxes throughout the year, but there's no question that the sunny images on the inside (and outside) of the mailing box nod to summer. Designed by Kyle Miller Creative, the Sun Basket design was meant to capture farm-to-table in a sun-drenched color palette featuring iconic farm images such a cow, silo, barn, tractor, and chickens. The "Hey there!"" message on the inside of the box flap adds a nice personal touch. Create your own custom shipping box at Distinct Packaging.

Coastal Co mailer box
Photo via My Subscription Addiction

Coastal Co
What says endless summer more than endless days at the beach? That's the idea behind Coastal Co., a quarterly subscription box that delivers the beach straight to your door (think a beachy T-shirt, sunglasses, and beach towel). To get that beachy message across, Coastal Co. uses a light blue mailer box emblazoned with white palm trees and the brand highlighted in cursive. It's a simple design but one that communicates exactly what the subscription box service is all about: 365 days of beach. Create your own custom mailer box at Distinct Packaging.

No matter what inspires you, Distinct Packaging can make your custom packaging dreams come to life. With 3-D preview, the ability to order as many or as few boxes as you'd like, and a quick-ship promise that has your custom packaging order shipping just 10 business days after being received, creating custom packaging with Distinct Packaging couldn't be easier.
Erin Behan

Written by Erin Behan

Erin Behan is an L.A.-based writer and editor who considers fine paper one of life's little pleasures.


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